Antwerp Student Rooms
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Student rooms

Antwerp Student Rooms are rooms that are rented individually for students. It is possible to rent a single room inside a shared flat or a one room flat which gives much more privacy to the tenant. The rent period is very flexible and conditions are not demanding and especially designed for students who usually find it hard to pay high deposits.

All rooms and one room flats are fully furnished, including active fast internet, cable TV, comfortable study table and a lot more equipment which makes the life of the student easier.

The studio rooms which are rented out from this website are owned by private people. This website was built by the owners of the accommodations and the rent is directly from the owners. No middle agency, no extra commissions are asked. From the same reason the rent prices which are asked in this website are lower than the average rent price in Antwerpen for similar housing solutions.

The studio flats are located in the following Addresses: Jacob Jordaens straat, Zonnewijzer straat, Belgielei near the Plaza hotel, Belgielei near mechelsesteenweg, and Isabellalei. The locations are very close to most of the academic institutes in the center, including Antwerp university.

Studio for students

Studio for students

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